Eric (his_irrelevance) wrote,

techno-inspired anti-individualism reaction?

do i not confide in those here because they are anti-individual in their advice? are they really so?

am i just a malcontent, selfish and individualist, content with solititude at times?

is this an offshoot of "people are fundementally good?" (last morn about 3, people on my hall decided they didn't know who i was, so they made me make up a true/false about my values/beliefs. You have no idea how hard i found it to make up something like that. Good... i think all people are good-intentioned, it's those whose intentions class with society many people dislike (though there are those who use society and get rich, etc, who are idolized).

Are the people here who are so into dialectics and existentialism, have they lost confidence in the individual in the wake of the dehumanizing technological advances? Is this a reaction simply to the impersonal quality lives today take on, making any one person seem simply a cog in a machine?

If so, it seems to me, the answer is not to accept it, not to SUBMERGE the self in the overwhelming sea of faceless anonymity! People who can should do that, but then reach BEYOND even that, grasp their own SELF again.

Individual does matter. CHOICE is EVERYTHING (or else, there is NO difference between an ant hill or a bee hive, and a human community like a college, esp. a college).
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