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So i'm in california now, and doing things like hanging out in coffeeshops, debating the nature of DNA and politics with my extended family, and reading newspapers and magazines. Here are some choice quotes from an article in The Nation june 27 concerning the Dutch attitude towards Muslims:

""Why are we afraid to tell muslims to adapt to us, simply because our values and norms represent a higher level of civilization -- better, more pleasent and more humane. No more integration, but assimilation!"
-- Geert Wilders (right wing Dutch politician)

[quoted from article]
"In what appears to be a Europe-wide pattern, some feminists are aligning themselves with the anti-immigrant right against their former multiculturalist allies on the left. Joining them in this exodus to the right are gay activists, who blame Muslim immigrants for the rising number of attacks on gay couples."

Recently, a documovie was made by Hirsi Ali and Pim Fortuyn [who was later the first dutch political assassination in 300 years for this] detailing female genital mutilation by male Muslims and the general abuse the men heap on the women. Later on in the article, an anthropologist points out that this kind of male-female violence exists in every culture and is by no means confined to Islam.

This trend towards intolerance of Muslims, coupled with the apparently growing anti-semetism and hostility to guest workers (often muslim in germany, etc) is really disturbing, in light of how many people view Europe as a much more open society than the US. However, Europe historically has always been very suspicious of foreigners and each country has always been very nationalistic (for example, Britain after WW2 wanted to keep its empire, and France wanted to DESTROY germany forever). The failures of the EU constitution and budget are the most recent examples of this trend.

I suppose this shows traditional leftish cohorts cannot be counted on to support liberal social goals, just like many young people in the US today gravitate towards libertarianism.
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